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Fake news: I have not had cancer Breathing Expert James Fletcher On How To Improve Your Breathing

Podcast – Swimming performance

Not long ago I had a very interesting discussion with Brenton Ford from Effortless swimming. An ex-swimmer and coach, we discuss what it takes to improve your swimming with a focus on the breath.   Uncovering The Breath Training Secrets Used By Olympic Swimmers with James Fletcher   Email me with any questions

James Fletcher Harness the Power Of Breath Into 2018

What Is the Science Behind The Power Of The Breath? As another New Year’s creeps up, we feel motivated to dive into another 28-day challenge or new juice cleanse. However, year-after-year most people will neglect improving their overall health and performance long-term: including decreasing their anxiety, altering their work routines, or even working to quit […]

How Athletes Use Breathing Techniques To Perform Better Physically

We spoke to exercise physiologist and physiotherapist James Fletcher about how breath training can improve your overall health and performance, long-term. While he’s currently working with Olympic swimmer Cameron McEvoy in the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth games, James Fletcher spends most of his time applying his breathing techniques to the everyday Aussie, developing […]
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